Stop Wasting Time.

You could spend another evening browsing for equipment. Or you could spend it recording your songs. Get everything you need to record on iPad in one big box – and get it done.

A Complete Studio.

You won’t need anything else to make professional quality recordings on iPad. iTrack Dock Studio Pack includes a high quality microphone and headphones, too.

What's Stopping You?

Whatever type of music you want to make, iTrack Dock is the easiest way to make professional recordings on iPad. Just dock, plug in and hit record.

Made for iPad.

Sound As Good As You.

If you love your songs, you want your recordings to sound as good as the real thing. This large diaphragm CM25 condenser mic captures beautifully crisp and clean sound, so your tracks will always sound as good as you do. It also comes with a long cable and a stand clip, so you can get started straight away.

Join the Greats.

We've been making audio hardware for 30 years. Sam Smith, Foo Fighters, Radiohead - they all use our gear, because it sounds better than anything else.

It's time you joined in.

Sam Smith
Foo Fighters

Hear Everything and Nothing.

The art of recording is all about getting lost in the music. You don’t want background noises interfering or distracting you when you’re trying to concentrate. These professional standard HP60 closed-back headphones block out background noise and give you absolutely stunning playback. They let you hear everything you want to hear, and nothing you don’t – so you can stay entirely focused while recording and mixing.

You Already Know How.

There’s no need to learn anything new. Record your songs directly into your favourite apps, including Garageband, Cubasis and Auria.

Share with Friends.

Upload your tracks straight to Facebook, Soundcloud and YouTube.

Release to the World.

Make studio-quality recordings that are good enough to release.

Enjoy the Sound of Silence.

Don't Let Good Ideas Get Away.

Start recording the moment inspiration strikes, by plugging any instrument or mic straight in.

Plug your instruments straight in.
Famous Focusrite mic preamps, as used by the best of the best.
A USB input for connecting a MIDI controller, if you like.
Connect and power your headphones and speakers to completely lose yourself in sound.
Control the gain of your guitar and mic separately, to make every recording sound just right. The handy indicators stay green when your gain is right, and turn red if you get too loud.
Control the volume of your headphones and speakers separately.
Slide the connector to fit any Lightning iPad, iPad Air or iPad Mini. Please see here for info on iPad Pro.
Activate direct monitoring to remove any distracting sound delays.
+48V Phantom Power lets you use specialist condenser microphones.

Tech Spec


MIDI controllers we have tested with iTrack Dock's MIDI port:

  • Novation Launchpad S
  • Novation Launchkey range (mini, 25, 49, 61)
  • Novation Impulse range (25, 49, 61)
  • Novation Launchpad mini
  • Novation Launch Control
  • Novation SL MkII range (25, 49, 61) Please note, the * Novation SL MKII range needs external power to work with the iTrack Dock
  • M-Audio Oxygen range (25, 61)
  • M-Audio Axiom Air mini
  • Alesis Q49
  • Alesis QX61
  • Akai Max 49 *Please note, the Akai Max 49 needs external power to work with the iTrack Dock

Known incompatible controllers:

  • Korg microkey 37
  • Korg MS20ic

Analogue Input Performance - Mic

Frequency Response

20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.2 dB (minimum gain)


< -99dB (minimum gain, -1dBFS input with 20Hz/20kHz bandpass filter)

Equivalent Input Noise (EIN)

< -125dBu CCIR-RMS (measured at maximum gain with 150 ohm termination)

Gain Range

-4dB to +46dB (dBFS / dBu) ±1dB

Max Input Level

>+4dBu (at 1% THD)

Analogue Input Performance - Line

Frequency Response

20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.2dB (minimum gain)


< -98dB (min gain, -1dBFS at output and 20Hz/20kHz bandpass filter)

Noise (NiPoS)

<-104 dBFS CCIR-RMS (measured at min. gain with 50 ohm termination)

Gain Range

-22dB to +28dB (dBFS / dBu) ±1dB

Max Input Level

>+21dBu (at 1% THD)

Analogue Input Performance - Instrument

Frequency Response

20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.2dB (minimum gain)


<-90dB (min gain, measured at Max Input Level -1dB, 20Hz/20kHz bandpass filter)


<-104dBu CCIR-RMS (measured at min. gain)

Gain Range

-16dB to +34dB (dBFS / dBu) ±1dB

Max Input Level

>+14dBu (at 1% THD)

Analogue Output Performance

Nominal Output Level

0dBFS = >+10dBu, balanced

Frequency Response

20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.2dB


< -100dB, balanced (0dBFS input 20Hz/20kHz bandpass filter)

Digital Performance

Clock sources

Internal clock only

D-A Dynamic Range

105dB 'A-weighted' (all outputs). Converter chipset D-A dynamic range 114dB

Supported sample rates

44.1 KHz, 48 KHz, 96 KHz
24 Bit

Input Metering

Ring LED lit Green

Signal present (-24 dBFS)

Ring LED lit Red

Signal overload (0dBFS), peak held for approximately 1 second

Weight and Dimensions

  • Height 64mm
  • Width 280mm
  • Depth 168
  • Weight 0.7 Kg